below Corbiere Cycle Track  runs between St Aubin Harbour & Corbiere Lighthouse

below - Corbiere Lighthouse and nearby track


right - our cycles & Funbikes at West Park 

St Aubin Harbour  - start from here...

Don't pay our competitors rates of 15 or 18, our price is 13.50 including locks and helmets. 

Consignment of new bikes just arrived. Dawes Mojave Hybrid/Treking....Ridgeback Hybrids/Treking, Velo De Ville (German bikes)  Most of our bikes are Hybrids. They are perfect for tarmac and the gravel track up to Corbiere( 3 1/2 miles)  We only hire the best makes.  Other makes that we do , Giant, Scott,Trek, Marin , Gary Fisher.
We also have 10 Beach Cruisers at our West Park site.

We have two cycle depots, West Park, opposite the Grand Hotel & the Old War Tunnel on the Corbiere Cycle Track in St Aubin.  However St Aubin is our main base and offers a wider choice of cycles as well as safe, traffic-free cycle tracks running east to west in both directions from our depot on the Corbiere Cycle Track.  For our local clients we also offer a cycle repair service based here.  Click for an aerial view showing our location


Jersey has approximately 100 miles of Green Lanes and cycle track with more being added   all the time. Generally speaking the routes and terrain in Jersey are best suited to hybrids/road bikes with limited scope for off-road or racing. Most of our 300 cycles are therefore hybrids with a good selection of childrens' machines, tag-alongs, tandems, and adult 3 wheelers also available. All bikes go out with pumps, tools and puncture repair kits. Baby seats, helmets and lights are available. 

The island is perfect for cycling, there is a lot to see on a bicycle that would otherwise be missed.

For our local clients, we also offer the best value cycle repair and maintenance on the Island

Getting to St Aubin i) Little train from St Helier's Liberation Square ii) Connex bus service from Liberation Square 


CYCLE MAP The best cycle map has been produced by Jersey Tourism, but it is naturally BIG!  

Download cyclemap from Jersey Tourism  3.2 MB adobe file, the first page takes a few minutes to appear with average broadband speed and the second page takes longer.

If you have difficulty with the download you can see the map in a separate 2nd window on this website and the key to the map in a 3rd window.  

View cycle map in 2nd window      View cycle map key in 3rd window    

The map shows routes & tours that have been measured and timed for the average cyclist and graded according to difficulty. The routes have numbers and are in different colours. Use these numbers and colours to see the distance, degree of difficulty and to find out which sights and attractions are included on the route of your choice.

below & left - St Aubin Cycle Depot. You'll find us in the Old War Tunnel (left) just to the left of the cycles and train  in the larger picture. Click the link above for an aerial view

arriving at the Parish Hall in St Aubin

DAY TRIP SPECIAL OFFER: Train to St Aubin, pick up cycles, ride to Corbiere along the cycle track and return, explore St Aubin, train back to St Helier,  14.50


A little planning will pay big dividends and you can take advantage of the many planned routes that have been researched, timed and mapped.

CYCLE HIRE TARIFFS & OPENING TIMES     Click for aerial view showing Cycle Tours location

West Park Depot open 7 days a week April - October. Weekdays 0900 - 1700, Sat and Sun 0900 - 1800. Cycle hire rates as below, hourly rates are available. Funbikes from 12 an hour and from 8 for half an hour.

St Aubin depot (Old War Tunnels) open 7 days a week 09.00 - 13.00 April, May, June, Sept and Oct 09.00 -1630 July and August. Cycle hire rates as below. 

Cycle Hire Rates for West Park & St Aubin  - 4 wheel Fun Bikes are only available at West Patk Depot

No of Days









Pre-booked cycles should be collected before 11:00









Short cycle hire rates - 1hr - 5, 2hrs - 6  and up to 4hrs - 8




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